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TPLF take measures on 640 leaders following in-depth evaluation

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Ethiodemocracy January 1st-7017- The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) disclosed that measures have been taken on 640 leaders following the in-depth evaluations carried out within the organization.

Rural political affairs head at the organization; Amanuel Amare told ENA that the measures were taken on the leaders due to their failure to appropriately serve the public.

Accordingly, the organization has decided to suspend 22 leaders from their membership, while to take 13 others to justice, Amanuel said.

The remaining leadership, from the highest to the lowest level, removed from their position.

According to Amanuel, the in-depth reform, the organization has been carried out, will be strengthened through the public evaluation forums, which started on Friday in the region. 

Residents in the regional state are discussing on the outcomes of the in-depth evaluation since Friday.

According to Amanuel, the public forums being held across the regional state is expected to give momentum to the in-depth reform program.

As member of the ruling party, EPRDF, TPLF has been engaging in in-depth evaluation and reform with a view to rectify wrong doings among party members thereby to address public concerns.

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